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Preschool industry is here to stay …. The sheer magnitude of its social angle and the need to deliver quality services in this segment is what parents are looking for …. Needless to mention, it would evolve significantly in the years to come with intervention and amalgamation of various business formats that either integrate it to a larger value chain or are supplementary. We are yet to see and experience this transformation and hence we would suggest that current times are best to be associated and invest in it, so that future opportunities are firmly leveraged. Here we would like to emphasize that our preschool ‘I Play I Learn’ has been the best of initiatives in this segment so far. The entire eco system of ‘I Play I Learn’ has emerged through an evolutionary process of a collaborative churn of not only strong fundamentals of child learning theories but also incorporating sincere practical learning, with arduously laid down guidelines and hence can aptly be termed as a gen’next model for our next generation.

Opening a Preschool is one of the most lucrative franchise opportunity in India which offers high returns on low investment. Preschool market is rapidly growing at 45% YOY over the last 5 years and Expected ROI in a preschool business is 200% over a period of 5 years .With the overwhelming demand for preschool education from parents and the dearth of quality preschool curriculum, this is the right time to explore the opportunity of opening your own preschool. The years ahead will witness significant growth in the preschool sector with increase in demand for branded preschools over unorganized ones.

Our Franchise model has been envisaged with the fundamental principles of non-discrimination with standardisation; hence flexibility in the model that provides multiple format opportunities (Metro & Non Metro Locations, further classified on the standardised resource allocating capability) to our prospective franchisees. Our motive is to provide the benefit of quality pre schooling to our kids cutting across demographical and lingual barriers, which is such a precious desire for all concerned parents of today.

However, we are absolutely clear when it comes to standardisation and quality of delivery and have therefore taken great efforts in devising processes and policies, including infrastructure, trainings, safety and hygiene safeguards, along with content adequacy etc, that take care of the quality of inputs that we provide, aiming to ensure a significant higher level of expected outcome.

We therefore expect to associate with people who have passion and understanding about the domain and sufficient resources to carry the brand the way we expect it to be delivered. Hence any and all people having any competencies in this arena and want to make a difference to the quality of pre schooling and the kids lives are welcome in their capacity as investors, real estate owners, landlords, teachers, parents, academicians, etc. and participate in your area of interest.

The key factors behind the increase in demand for preschool education in India are:-

  • The Eligible population or the size of population of kids in pre schooling age.
  • Increased participation of women in employment, which are very serious about their child’s education.
  • Increased Urbanization; opening up of tier-II and tier-III cities, with lot of awareness in rural India as well.
  • The age profile of Indian population, with approx 25% of them in the fertility age bracket, either having their little ones or expecting in next 5 years.
  • Growth in service sector, which is gender unbiased having more or less equal contribution from men and women;
  • Increased instances of double income families;
  • The growing awareness among today’s youth about the benefits of early childhood education.
  • – A growing alert, aspirations as well as competitive attitude among parents who realize the potential of good education as an investment for their child’s future and pre schooling as the fundamental building block to ensure that the kid does not miss out the developmental milestones in formative years that is so critical for the child’s development and impacts his/her entire lifetime.
Preschool for kids | Mumbai | India | I Play I Learn
Preschool for kids | Mumbai | India | I Play I Learn
Preschool for kids | Mumbai | India | I Play I Learn
Preschool for kids | Mumbai | India | I Play I Learn
Preschool for kids | Mumbai | India | I Play I Learn

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