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HR Philosophy

Employees are viewed as the biggest asset in I Play I Learn. Team spirit is the catalyst, which imbibes the ethnic work culture of employees involved as “PARTNERS” in achieving the business goals. The people philosophy is the driving force to lead, motivate, inspire and encourage. In the consistent pursuit to have the best work forces, the major focus of I Play I Learn has always been hiring the right talent and consistently evaluating and utilising their strengths.The very belief is being System Oriented. Systems and policies driven approach with streamlined work procedures in all areas of work has complemented a transparent and effective work culture. A uniquely crafted people philosophy depicted as PRIDE defines the concept of grooming talent. Our effectively implemented processes through PRIDE guides the way to utilise the employee talents by empowering people to partner in all the business processes thereby integrating the vision of the organisation with that of its people. Fostering effective methods of goal setting, communication and empowerment through responsibility has helped build employee ownership, competency, concern and commitment to serve well.

HR Ethos imbibing PRIDE


  • PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT through deliverable work culture, effective  organisational design, defined people hierarchy and responsibility and employee development techniques;
  • REGULATE PROCESSES to establish strong fundamentals of work culture, quality consciousness  and high productivity standards across the organisation in order to harness every  individual to evolve for a competitive edge;
  • IDENTIFY & NURTURE POTENTIAL to ensure job enlargement, job enrichment, training and re-training, career & succession planning across all the levels;
  • DIGNIFIED WORK ENVIRONMENT that values respect, diversity, integrity, openness, communication & accountability ;
  • EMPHASISING CARE by playing a vital role of friend, guide & philosopher;
Play School in Mumbai | India | I play I Learn
Preschool for kids | Mumbai | India | I Play I Learn
Preschool for kids | Mumbai | India | I Play I Learn
Preschool for kids | Mumbai | India | I Play I Learn
Preschool for kids | Mumbai | India | I Play I Learn

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